Fab Fab Fab

I went to the theater last night. The event took place in the two-year-old theater, part of the huge new cultural center, centered on an artificial lake, and including the Tianjin History Museum, a concert hall, a science museum, etc. etc.  I haven’t actually seen it all yet.

the huge theater
The science museum’s planetarium is visible to the right.

Anyway, the theater is pictured in this panorama – and it is a panorama, which makes the building appear a lot smaller than it does in person.  If you want to see the whole thing large, click on it for the original file.

We opted for the cheap seats. It was a company from Germany, performing a modern play from Sweden in German. It was a difficult exercise for my German, since the dialogue was as opaque and obtuse as Scandinavian Angst can be. I’m still trying to figure out what the “sound of an open door” was, and what hydrogen, oxygen and vinegar had to do with it.

Luckily for my companions, there were subtitles in Chinese, so they were able to understand “every word.” Unfortunately they were just as mystified as to the meaning of the play as I was.

the inside of the theater
Miss Julie or Miss Jenny or something

The audience, of course, gave the company an enthusiastic ovation anyway.  I snapped this picture after the play had concluded.  The big screen above the set actually echoed everything the actors did. Or actually, it was prerecorded (I think) so that the opposite actor-film relationship obtained.

Anyway, I’m sure that the theater managers among us would have enjoyed it.

a view of the mall
Fabulous and huge – as much ground space as many football fields

Afterward, I finally got to see the legendary Galaxy Mall, where I had fruit and yogurt for the equivalent of five dollars.  Yes, fabulous prices are coming to China along with the fabulous malls. Anyway, I figured a snapshot of the mall might balance the video of our local market which I recently uploaded to Youtube.