Happy May Day

plants, poles and fish
Fishing in the former countryside

I took some pictures on May Day, May 1, generally known as “Labor Day” in these parts.

First up is a fisherman at Aiwan Lake. Even if you know this lake, you might find it hard to recognize from the picture, so rustic it looks.

It serves as a handy reminder, though, that this area where the university is located was simple countryside 60 years ago when they decided to build it here.

The reeds, by the way, have sprouted from the pond bottom in the last month. I expect them to get a bit higher before they’re done.

water and squirts
Surprising Pedestrians for ten years

The second shot  shows everybody’s favorite fountain, at the entrance to the university. It’s the same one that was placed on the 2014 calendar.

These and the other local fountains only actually run on special occasions. Just behind it stands the national flag, raised every morning by a dedicated and disciplined cadre of young people.

bike repair
Bike Repair and Pipes

Finally, we see the local bike guy.  He’s been occupying the same corner ever since I’ve moved here.  He has a constant business (including mine) despite the presence of a competitor just across the street.

Actually, the competitor ends up sitting around most of the day.

The guy I’m talking about is the one on the left.  The guy on the right could be any of the local community that stays on the bike guy’s good terms. They seem to walk up at any time, grab a resource (usually the compressed air), start to work, and then pay him later.

Locals always seem to be stopping by to examine the latest equipment conundrum.  My most recent job (which I let him handle completely) was remounting the chain of my Flying Pigeon. Before that, he replaced the pigeon’s brakes and swapped in a taller seat post.

He used to work with a woman whom I always assumed was his wife, but I haven’t seen her in quite a while. I’m hoping that she’s just busy somewhere taking care of a grandkid.

Grandparents, by the way, particularly grandmothers, are heavily involved with raising their grandkids to extent not so common in America.  I have to say, since most households have two parents working, it’s a tremendous luxury to have such dedicated child care help. So that’s where I’m hoping she is.